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May 4

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Responsible for improving for the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability through the implementation of
effective CIT and Processing functions within your centre. Responsible for meeting agreed timeframes and customer specifications within the daily Operations
 Comply and adhere to SLA’s including but not limited to; Quality of Service, Load Adherence and Risk Framework
 Organise, plan and manage all resources for optimal service to customers and to avoid service failures.
 Proactively keep customers informed of potential service failures or late arrivals in order to maintain good customer relations

Responsible for the management of operational resources
 Manage resources such as fleet, equipment, weapons, systems etc. for optimal performance levels by monitoring and
controlling the maintenance, availability, cost effectiveness, etc
 Manage that appropriate contingency plans are in place for all natural disasters and vehicle breakdowns in
conjunction with the Risk Division
 Manage the daily operations in compliance with systems, processes and procedures
 Provide input regarding improvements to technology and feasibility thereof e.g. new trolleys, new firearms etc.

Responsible for the continuous evaluation and improvement of processes
 Review and evaluate processes to identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve workflow, making
recommendations to the relevant stakeholders for approval
 Upon approval, responsible to implement, monitor and track any continuous improvement initiatives
 Actively support implementation of planning and forecasting systems
 Manage and review the handling processes e.g. arrival, departure and loading to ensure optimal working processes
and performance and recommends improvements
 Identify potential risks e.g. theft, robberies, monetary losses, disasters and reduces risk potential by developing and
implement procedures and systems in compliance with SBV’s Enterprise Risk Management Framework
 Manage and drive the productivity schemes within the operations

Manage operational projects within your Centre/s
 Responsible to ensure Centre readiness e.g staffing, training, equipment, change management, systems and systems support, etc.
 Manage all operational projects linked to the strategy in support of Business Optimization.
 Monitor compliance to Project timelines, escalate any deviations to the relevant stakeholders, and seek timeous resolution
 Continually review procedures, systems and performance against business plans, budgets and progress of programmes & projects
 Manage projects as allocated, for example the expansion within a centre / changing the layout of the centre, including
the pre and post implementation reviews

Financial Management
 Manage the premises assigned, including maintenance and taking into account; cost, operational effect, time and
reputational image.
 Manage vendor relationship, own the process for repairs, etc.
Risk Management
 Utilise security and environmental information from within and outside the organisation to minimise risk (i.e.
rerouting of vehicles, changing times for deliveries alternative teams etc.
 Mitigate reputational and operational risk by embedding risk management processes and effectively managing
 Manage risk investigations to identify possible breaches of security and take measures to strengthen security e.g.
additional camera’s, access control, searches Implement proper controls and systems in terms of the prescribed policy and
insurance requirements e.g. if there is a vault, there must be a camera etc.
 Conduct security surveys on an on-going basis in line with the security plan
 Keep losses within loss tolerance levels
o Responsible for the audit outcomes of the centre/s, proposing remedial actions where necessary and the implementation thereof
o Execute plans to remedial audit findings and ensure the compliance is within acceptable tolerance levels.
o Collaborate with Risk and GM to ensure that a relevant and accurate BCP is in place, reviewing it with the relevant stakeholders.
o Partake in BCM and crisis management simulations to ensure relevance and practicality.
o Manage all activities in the event of a crisis at the centre/s
 Request dispensation and pre-authorisation from the GM when outside of rules & regulations (e.g. exceeding limits,
security cameras not working, team structure etc)
 Keep audit trails of run information and related security measures for potential investigations/claims

Ownership of Centre
 Manage Internal Relationship through:
o Build and maintain effective relationships across multi-functional departments within SBV for seamless interactions
o Keep relevant parties informed to encourage operational effectiveness and efficiency
 Manage External Relationship by:
o Effective engagement with key stakeholders and provision of high levels of service
o Meet with customers on a regular basis in order to deal with operational concerns and introduce other SBV stakeholders (for
example: Sales and marketing)
o Identify opportunities within the industry to add value to portfolio of clients by understanding client’s
business models and strategies and feeding this information through to the Customer and Commercial

 Provide input into the business cases for new centre/s within one’s area of responsibility
 Review and provide reports to the relevant stakeholders as required within the agreed upon timeframe including trends

Manage an integrated CIT operation
 Manage the various departments / service offerings in order to create a seamless pipeline for the movement of cash
within Wholesale/Industry and Bank Branch, Retail and ATM
 Responsible for the alignment of all processes and practices within the centre/s with the requirements of Statutory
laws and documentation, SBV Policy and procedure and Regulatory bodies (for example SARB, PSIRA)
 Identify, manage and implement centre level plans and objectives as set by the relevant stakeholders or General Manager
 Assist to implement and manage onsite guarding in alignment with the contracts signed in conjunction with the
relevant stakeholders

Manage an integrated Processing Operation
 Manage seamless processing of cash within the centre/s ensuring accuracy and realisation of daily operational goals
 Oversee that correct denominations in respect of notes and coins are delivered to customer timeously
 Verify that all Cash deposits are processed and credited on the same day as received from customers
 Identify, manage and implement centre level plans and objectives as set by the relevant stakeholders or General
 Validate and report that the cash centre is accurately balanced daily. Escalate discrepancies to the General Manager
 Conduct physical cash checks in order to verify that the centre cash is aligned to the GLPeople Management
 Provide leadership to employees within SBV
 Creates a conducive environment which translates into productivity and high morale within SBV
 Inspire one’s team to deliver on key performance areas
 Adhere to legislative requirements and Group policies and procedures
 Leading the focus on talent to instil value creation for high value contributors
 Manage one’s headcount in alignment with the principles and policies of SBV on a monthly basis. Inclusive of notifying
HR of team cancellations, new business and new initiatives with the relevant documentation /approvals
 Preside over disciplinary hearings on behalf of SBV in alignment with statutory requirements and the policies &
procedures of SBV
 Lead and manager the Talent Management Process within one’s centre / s
 Lead and manage the end to end performance management process of employees
 Adhere to legislative requirements, company policies and procedures in respect of employment Health and safety
 Manage overtime / illegal overtime of one’s centre/s through proper planning and staff rotation inclusive of driving
the time and attendance system within one’s centre/s
 Responsible for employees to undergo the relevant training inclusive of any mandatory refreshers in conjunction with
the Training Academy
 Draft and execute training plans in conjunction with the Training Academy.

Drive the organisation culture within one’s centre
 Drive the department’s values while inspiring confidence and generating excitement, enthusiasm and commitment
towards the mission.
 Serve as a leader of the culture program driving the desired behaviours and encouraging employee engagement
 Create and implement strategies in collaboration with Change Management & HR to evaluate and maintain employee
 Drive Transformation and BBB-EE initiatives to ensure sustainable alignment to the company scorecard

Provide leadership to employees within the organisation, creating a winning culture and high morale
Lead as an Ambassador and executor of Change
 Act as a change management architect in periods of change to ensure continuity to operations
 Manage the integration of CIT and Processing into a seamless end to end solution for customers
 Effectively communicate and embed new processes and procedures as they occur addressing or escalating matters /
concerns to the SME’s (subject matter experts) when required
 Facilitate the necessary presentations, workshops or forums in order to ensure consistent and accurate
communication is given across one’s centre/s

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