Warehouse Supervisor

The Beverage Company

Gauteng, South Africa


Sep 13

To ensure that the balance between great Customer Service and Cost Compression is struck by satisfying Customer Demand in a Safe, efficient and effective manner with continuous improvement being top of mind. Key Accountabilities and OutputsHealth, Safety and Environment Maximum Safe Pallet stacking heights complied with Site housekeeping standards maintained using the 5S philosophy Ensure adherence to site safety standards as head of Safety, Health and Environmental Committee Ensure compliance to all relevant legislation Conduct Planned Job Observations. Ensure adherence to site safety standards and critical member of Safety, Health and Environmental Committee in line with the OSH Act. Ensure the safe operation of vehicles in accordance with the Road Traffic Act within and outside of the Distribution Centre. Ensure compliance to all relevant legislation and support a safe environment for The Beverage Companys Employees, Contractors and Visitors.Enhanced Customer Service Maintain good Customer relations by delivering on promise consistently. Feedback on all Customer comments, queries and suggestions within the service level agreement. Supervision of all Forklift Drivers and Pickers. Feedback on queries, complaints, incorrect loading and picking conducted to prevent recurrence. Turn around Times in Warehouse is met as per standardEffective stock quality management Warehouse stock age standards maintained by ensuring stock rotation principles applied Ensures quality control through checking packaging on warehouse floor and prior to loadingEffective inventory management Participation in handover process before and after every shift Accurate stock counts performed when requested Maintain clear and effective communication with Stock Clerk, Warehouse Controller and Warehouse Supervisor Management and Leadership Ensure that The Beverage Companys Vision, Mission, Values and strategic goals are communicated and understood by all Employees and Contractors.Warehouse SupervisorUpdated July 2020Page 2 of 4 Employees are managed in accordance with The Beverage Companys Performance Management philosophy. Provide on the job coaching and mentoring to promote continuous improvement. Manage Employees in a manner that maintains a healthy Industrial Relations climate. Employee punctuality, Time and Attendance managed to meet operational requirements and within budget confines. Ensure that all Employees are conversant/compliant with relevant business information, policies, processes and procedures.Accurate checking, loading and unloading of vehicles Ensure that all independent check conducted of all loads to ensure correct quantities of split and full pallets Accurate recording of returns Facilitate efficient loading and unloading of vehicles Maintain clear and effective communication with Warehouse Controller / and other team members All documentation accurately and comprehensively completedRoutine Responsibilities Perform physical inventory counts and investigate variances. Physical activity to be recorded in the ERP system to promote visibility and good governance. Engage with the Distribution Controller to execute loading inline with the Load Plan. Resourcing plans to be developed in line with volume forecasts. Ensure efficient and accurate picking and loading of Distribution vehicles. Ensure that vehicles are loaded within the TAT standard. Equipment operated safely within Manufacturers specifications and compliant with the OHS Act. Validate Time and Attendance/Overtime for clocking EmployeesFinancial Management Continuously seeks financial optimisation opportunities and demonstrates an Entrepreneurial outlook. Monthly financial performance analysed, necessary plans put in place to correct if required with detailed commentary supplied. Conversant with relevant business information, policies, processes and proceduresKey QualitiesCommunication Detailed verbal or written instructions or requests to employees or contractorsProblem Solving Proactive identification of functional problems related to a specific process or policy, determine cause and impact, and choose the best alternative to solve the problem based on guidelines provided and an understanding of the theory or practices underpinning the problem.Relationships Maintained Others in own work areaBehavioural CompetenciesPlanning and Organising Manages time effectively, ensuring effective completion of tasks under stressful deadlines. Able to prioritise activities and resources, ensuring that results are achieved effectively. Able to evaluate progress and make appropriate adjustments to initial plans, ensuring a successful outcome.Judgment and Decision Making Able to gather information from a variety of sources. Understands cause and effect relationships within data and interprets this to make competing, holistic decisions Develops alternatives before making complex decisions Looks for the most innovative, efficient and value adding solution when making a decision Makes decisions in time and forecasts when decisions need to be made Formulates a big picture understanding of the near-term impact of decisions (including the time and resources required to implement decision) Evaluates the longer term business impact of decisions Takes initiative when making decisionsVerbal Communication Able to communicate verbally in a logical manner. Takes the intended audience into account when communicating verbal information. Makes use of appropriate business language in verbal communication. Includes all relevant information in verbal arguments. Demonstrates proficiency of language in verbal communication. Interprets complex information to expresses own viewpoint in verbal communication. Concludes verbal arguments by making reference to relevant factsLeadership Able to communicate and gain team commitment to a vision of what is to be achieved. Delegates fully and creates opportunities which help others to develop their potential. Identifies inequalities of opportunity within the workplace and takes steps to address them. Inspires and empowers others to overcome difficulties and achieve goals. Nurtures strong team identity and pride.Analytical Thinking Able to take a complex task and breaking it down into manageable parts in a logical, detailed way. Thinks of multiple explanations or alternatives to a problem Able to identify the information needed to solve a problem effectively Performs tasks accurately and thoroughly, making adjustments to ensure needs are met Considers business priorities when making decisions or analysing the costs and benefits of various alternative solutions.

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