Company Secretary


Gauteng, South Africa


Jul 5

To provide the Chief Executive/ Principal Officer, Board, and Executive of the EPPF Fund collectively and individually with guidance, information and support in exercising their duties and responsibilities and ensuring they have the relevant information and resources to fulfil their fiduciary duties to trustees and responsibilities for their members. Provides Board and designated committees with guidance, support and information as they exercise their duties and responsibilities- Manage Board and Committee meetings in accordance with appropriate constitutions and/or terms of reference and prepares the schedule of board and committee meetings for the year together with the agendas for these meetings in conjunction with the chairperson and key executives - Ensures the proper compilation and timely circulation of Board and Designated Committee papers to enable them to prepare adequately for these meetings- Records and distributes attendees and minutes of these meetings as soon as possible thereafter to assist the Board Members in implementing decisions taken- Effectively tracks action items and ensures these are followed up and implemented raising awareness of non-execution of crucial decisions to the Executive and/or Board as appropriate- Liaises with members on general secretariat queries and facilitates signatures for round robin resolution.- Provide guidance to the Board as a whole and to individual Board Members on their duties, responsibilities and powers and proactively provides guidance to the Board on governance and procedural matters, flagging laws relevant to or affecting the Fund where appropriate- Serves as point of contact between the Board and Management on various committee related issues, raises matters that may warrant the attention of the Board and that pertinent issues from management are referred back to the Board where appropriate.- Facilitate the induction of new Board Members and Trustees and ensure they receive continuous training to ensure that they remain effective- Assists the Board in driving the annual evaluation of the Board, its individual trustees and management process, agreeing the evaluation points and providing reported feedback with recommendations for improvement.- Coordinates the determination, benchmarking and payment of Board Members and Trustees remuneration- Ensures that conflict of interest forms completed, submitted evaluated and filedMonitors compliance and adherence to relevant legislation, regulations and Codes of Ethics- Annually review the terms of reference of all Committees to ensure compliance and adherence to relevant legislation and regulations Ensures compliance with relevant legislation or regulations, identifying and communicating risks to Head: Governance and Assurance.- Remains abreast of developments in corporate governance, bringing these to the attention of the Boards and Head of Governance and Assurances attention where they would add value and ensuring that the directors adhere to the highest governance standards - Proactively engages with Governance and Assurance legal team on legislative issues raised in meetings as well as enquiries and proposals for rule amendments, benefit jurisprudence; checking whether similar cases have set precedence.- Ensures that all statutory registers, contracts and agreements are kept in safe custody and that an executive summary of each document is maintained for ease of reference, which is useful for orientating new operating executives on critical contractual issues relevant to their areas of responsibility. - Ensures an ethics code is in place, approved by relevant Board and Committee structures and ensures these are transparent, well communicated and effectively tracked- Develop and implements ethics strategies and action plans, identifying and acting on ethics risks and opportunities.Stakeholder management - Compiles the Board stakeholder engagement plan, identifying the correct stakeholders to achieve compliance in collaboration with various business unit heads/ Executives within EPPF.- Monitor proper and effective communication processes between committee members.- Builds a trusted advisor relationship with the Board, Leadership Team and relevant Committees, ensuring they are proactively and effectively advised on governance matters, risks and issues - Ensures that all regulatory, legal, compliance and change requirements are planned, communicated and fully understood by all executives and members of staff when implemented, and that where appropriate, effective levels of support are available from internal/external providers.- Pro-actively develop and maintain a wide-range of external contacts in order to obtain/exchange information, identify environmental change which may impact on the business, establish best practices subsequently taking appropriate actions to maintain/enhance competitive advantage.People Leadership - Inspire, motivate and support team so that they are effective and delivering high quality work and meeting organisational and individual objectives.- Manage planning of resource requirements, ensure sufficient capable resources are in place to meet service delivery demands, maintaining the effective and efficient capability of the team.- Build a high performing team where the best people are deployed in the right roles and deliver against strategy. - Ensure that all employees are motivated, developed.- Implement and maintain an effective system of internal controls and delegations of authority for the department, to ensure that accountability for decisions made.- Inspires and engages employees around the vision and strategy of the Fund, maximising employee engagement and willingness to invest discretionary effort Annual Budgets / Financial Management- Manage the company secretary budget and ensure delivery of departmental activities are achieved on time and within budget.- Compile and gain budget approval (with support of the Board of trustees) in line with policy guidelines. - Manage costs against guidelines, and ensure alignment of expenditure with the budget.

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